Amazing Race DVD

The Amazing race, redefines what is know to us as “treasure hunt”, blow it up to an international scale and there you have it, The Amazing race DVD. One of the most frustrating teaser about being a fan of the Amazing Race is that you will never know when or if the show is going to air. For those of us hardcore fans in the know, who have been following the show since inception, we will know that The Amazing Race has been aired in every imaginable time slot and season slot available.

The most recent season of The Amazing Race has found itself to be on the primetime slot at 8pm on Sundays. However, The Amazing Race has also aired on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights in the past. The 8pm slot is not a fixed time slot as during airing of N.F.L games on CBS will often run late, pushing all of CBS’ entire Sunday primetime schedule back in a considerably determinant amount of time.

Now with the Amazing Race DVD, one will have no worries about missing a single second of the Amazing Race. One will neither have to worry about the getting the airtime right, the delays due to N.F.L and best of all no need to be the victim of the ever changing time slots of the Amazing Race of the next season.

Ever been in a situation where you are catching the amazing race on air lying on the couch, you have been holding out your nature’s call throughout the show and you cannot hold it any longer. The scenes are hinting that the climax or highlight of the episode is about to be on screen any moment now. You check the time, the amazing race has been aired for thirty minutes, the best part of the show usually comes in the last fifteen to twenty minutes towards the end.

You take a gamble and rush off to the washroom to relieve yourself. Feeling relived, you come back to your couch and continue watching the amazing race waiting for the most exiciting part to air as show in the highlights earlier. Minutes pass and before you know it, the show ends. You are puzzled, where is the part in the highlight you saw earlier? You start to reconstruct the scenes of catching the show. Finally, you realized that you have probably missed the most exciting part of the show when you left the couch for the washroom.

The Amazing Race DVD will allow you to play back your favorite moment of any episode of any season, never will you ever have to worry about missing a single moment of the show. The amazing race dvd also features behind the scenes and unedited footage that is exclusive to the Amazing Race DVD.